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2014 proved interesting!  Although few group research projects were conducted this past year, our team still pushes on to better understand the paranormal.

October 2013 our team was asked to appear on the Discovery Channel.  Two members filmed small clips for Ghost Asylum last January 2014, and the program has aired a minimum of 8 times thus far.  It's a great show and I hope everyone can catch it at least once.  You'll be hooked! 


The filming GoDark! MPR participated in took place at the fabulous Arcadia Valley Academy in Arcadia, MO.   We met with the Tennessee Wraith Hunters and their production crew.  We discussed our observations and research from our investigations at the old Saint Mary's Hospital located in Ironton, Mo.   We shared EVP's, a little history that we were aware of about the building, and also some personal experiences we encountered at the rundown hospital.  Very enjoyable evening and a pleasure to meet all!



The team that makes GoDark! MPR Missouri Paranormal Research possible are several women who are passionate about paranormal research.  We are a NO NONSENSE team that prefers to fly under the radar.   Healthy skepticism, honesty, integrity and respect for property, the law, other human beings, other researchers, and spirits are an absolute must.  

GoDark! MPR, Missouri Paranormal Research's main focus and goals are to observe and document any and all paranormal evidence of supernatural activity, although we have recently began a new technique.  (To be shared at a later date)   We shy away from personal residences, but can refer homeowners to other reputable teams.   

Our research is serious and professional, although we do have our share of fun.   We do NOT classify ourselves as "ghost hunters," nor do we claim to be "experts."   After all, who can possibly state that they are an expert in this field?  Since each and every one of us has lost a loved one at some point in our life, we prefer "researcher" and "investigator" as opposed to "hunter."  

With each investigation, we generally walk away with a little more knowledge, additional questions, but few answers. However, we continue to attempt unraveling the mystery of the dark and the spirits!

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The Stone House/Illinois

The spirit of a little girl was captured here.  The story behind the photos is seemingly easy to explain.  The Stone House in Chester, Illinois was once a Church, many, many years ago.  It is now a quaint B&B.  While this building sustained its life as a Church, a little 12 year old girl's funeral was held here.  The parlor area was on the 2nd floor in the sitting room in the exact area these photographs were captured.